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Contemporary Stereo Card Making
The French Tablet Display Structure

Photographs and drawings by Georgette Freeman © 2015. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2015 by Georgette Freeman. All rights reserved.

Georgette Freeman’s French Tablet display structure is a delightful hybrid—part book, part accordion, part box, and part chemise. Untie the doors and the structure opens to reveal panel after panel for displaying artwork, text, and/or other objects.   
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Contemporary Stereo Card Making
Retro and nostalgic, yet so-o-o up to date, stereo cards are an intriguing and versatile book structure.  A pair of pictures taken in the same plane, then mounted on a card and viewed through a special viewer, stereo cards create the illusion of a three-dimensional scene. Starting with a history of the structure, Georgette will lead you through how your binocular vision works, how to de-construct it with your own camera and, then, how to reconstruct your resulting stereo image on a card for viewing by others. In addition to being fun to make and view, stereo cards seem to be the perfect way to present 3-D images of your own artist books to others, online. Pre-cut materials will be provided for you to make several stereo cards, and imagery will also be provided for those without a camera. However, the use of your own camera, digital or film, is encouraged.  

The French Tablet Toolbox is a unique and sophisticated toolbox based on Georgette’s French Tablet display structure. Sharpen your box making skills and get specific instructions, with variations, for this versatile and useful form. If you use this box to hold calligraphy or bookbinding tools, it’s sure to be a conversation piece wherever you work.

Georgette's novel, 21st Century methods for making the carousel (also known as a star book).

Georgette Freeman, a photographer since the late '60s, has been making and selling contemporary stereo cards since 1995. In recent years she has turned her attention to innovative structures for displaying text and images. She teaches the following classes (shown from top to bottom in the photo):

The French Tablet Display Structure


Contemporary Stereo Cards



The Faux-Book Slip-Case Box
with Rounded Spine




The Carousel Book



marbled paper

marbled paper by Georgette Freeman