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Photographs and drawings by Georgette Freeman © 2013. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2013 by Georgette Freeman. All rights reserved.


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Currently on the Drawing Board: 12/2013

Spoke art

This is a picture of me made by Sean (at my art directiion, and first caught by Christopher) out front of Spoke Art (San Francisco on Sutter, very near Jones Street) as I came to the end of 6 hours of sitting in the ever deepening cold in front of the store for the chance to claim Spoke Art's door prize for their 3rd Annual Moleskine Show.

Needlless to say, with no apparent opposition, I won. Hear, hear for art!  (What I won't do for an illustrated book!!) Cheers, Geo

Currently on the Drawing Board: 5/2013


With an eye on this summer’s bone carving workshop, I rummaged through a drawer of objects in the archive and got reacquainted with a small, round, bone pendant with two faces carved into it. And since I like faces, I put a pix of the pendant through my “scissors” graphic process and began drawing, informed by the result. (Rule of Thumb: “If it can be carved, it should also be drawable.”) So far, I’m up to four of the caricatures; this is “Lunacy No. 2."

Hopefully, by drawing before sculpting an image, I would be getting “inside” the image and thus better able to make the transition from 2-D to 3-D, something I’ve rarely attempted. (As it is, I have only about 100 hours on the farrier’s rasps and files and less than an hour on a Dremel rotary tool, ever.) That said, why not first sculpt the drawn image in modeling clay before moving on to bone?

Currently on the Drawing Board: 4/2013

Got “DYV #1” to Judy at the HBC on deadline. Wish I had more time with these objects before having to give them up.

Only had enough time with this one to engage the closures often enough to see that, most likely, this is a viable method for display.

Was even able to put together a clam-shell leather-covered box for the piece during Don Glaister’s early April leather box making class at the SFCB.

(Even got a chance to meet Mr. Ah Haa, Dan.)

Currently on the Drawing Board: 3/2013

While I attracted interest at CODEX, there were no takers for a “Paper Knife and Box, $125.” Tom was argumentative and persons on the periphery of the trade blanched at the price tag.

Binders wondered at it as a tool. That said, bought, butchered, cooked, and dried 48 more elk foreleg bones—in three batches this month.

Even seemed to have worked out an efficient butchering routine for elk. (Might work for bison too, but bison are several times more robust [larger] in bone and sinew than elk.)

These 48 are in addition to the 100 or so others that were variously cooked and dried last season (20% bison.)

It will be interesting to compare this current batch (all 48 elk are pictured) with the previous ones as to residual oil left in the bones after drying.

These 48 were trussed and stored in the middle of in an open box, on end (elbow–end down) and at a 45-degree angle to the ground.

Currently on the Drawing Board: 2/2013

Experimental piece up for the 2013 HBC Members Show at the San Francisco Public Library’s 6th Floor Exhibition Space (June–August).

A three-bladed carousel, I thought it would feature Nikki, but found I had a “text” and the images in hand after a 1/31/13 shoot of David Young the V’s show at White Walls (then on Larkin, near O’Farrell).

Looking for something more like a book than your typical carousel and having a closure not involving ties.

Currently on the Drawing Board: 1/2013

CODEX looms. Looks like just enough time to ready an edition of registration frames (20), work out a box for bone tools (various lengths and girths)—something like the box old straight razors used to come in.

(Tube with a slip top, in TNGP trade dress.) As well as, make and finish a paper knife from an elk foreleg cut diagonally to maximize length and give symmetry to the knife.

Also gather a display box’s worth of book arts ephemera: carousels and French tablets, for the most part—including “Don Glaister at the SFCB 3/2010.” Mantra for the paper knife will be “Paper Knife and Box, $125.”

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